A Flattering Start To The Week…

By The Artisan Kitchen, Jun 3 2014 11:11AM

I took a phone call last week, which really took me by surprise from the rather lovely people at Coolbrands. Amanda informed me that thanks to a expert council of over 30 people including Gizzi Erskine, Sadie Frost & many more and a public vote from over 2000 people The Artisan Kitchen had been awarded Coolbrands status for 2014/15 which is featured in the Guardian each year.

I was very flattered, as a small producer and currently sole producer, my head is firmly down – cracking on cooking at the Jam pan, packaging, distributing and keeping on top of marketing. My goal is always to make the very best preserves with a fresh modern approach to branding. My preserves leave the kitchen and you hope they are out there making a great name for themselves, so this recognition truly was a really lovely surprise.

The full results will be published in September 2014, where our name will be firmly in print – some of last years awards went to Daylesford Organic, Salty dog crisps, Graze.com, John Lewis, Amelia rope chocolate to name a few.

Starting AK in 2011 I never imagined my micro-business would be sitting next to industry heavyweights like Daylesford & Graze.

Not one to sit still – Look out for new ranges being added to The Artisan Kitchen family of handcrafted preserves towards the end of the year.

Cool brands 2014:15

Coolbrands 2014/15

Coolbrands 2014/15