By The Artisan Kitchen, Mar 19 2016 01:05PM

We have been celebrating like mad this weekend, thanks to the wonderful news we received from The Worlds Original Marmalade Awards 2016.

Our Artisan KItchen marmalades were awarded 16 accolades including Double Gold for our Seville Orange Aperol Marmalade, which means this is officially The Worlds Best Marmalade for 2016.

This gorgeous Marmalade is a thin cut seville orange marmalade made with Organic Ave Maria Seville Oranges, Sugar & a good splash of delicious Aperol. A labour of love that takes 3 days to produce.

A wonderful zingy Orange treat that is delicious straight from the spoon, mixed in cocktails or spread thickly on toast & croissants.

Along with winning Double Gold we have also secured a listing with one of Londons Finest Stores Fortnum & Mason.

Heres the full List of our awards for 2016.

Double Gold – Seville Orange Aperol Marmalade

Gold – Seville Orange Aperol Marmalade

Gold – Seville Orange Cacao Marmalade

Gold – West Country Cider Sweet Orange Marmalade

Gold – West Country Cider Seville Orange Marmalade

Gold – Seville Orange & Seville Orange Gin Marmalade

Gold – Seville Orange Limoncello Marmalade

Gold – Sweet Orange Espresso Marmalade

Gold – Sweet spiced Citrus Marmalade

Silver – Seville Orange Moonshine Marmalade

Silver – Sweet Orange Sea Buckthorn Marmalade

Silver – Seville Orange Jelly

Silver – Seville Orange Pink Peppercorn Marmalade

Silver – Sweet Orange Vintage Gold Champagne Marmalade

Silver – Sweet Orange Lemongrass Marmalade

Bronze – Leafy Orange Grappa Marmalade

Highly Commended – Pink Grapefruit Ginger Marmalade

About The Marmalade Awards


These quirky awards were founded in 2006 by Jane Hasell-McCosh with the initial idea of preserving, growing and widening one of the most British of customs – making marmalade. They have gone on to generate a following far beyond Jane’s wildest expectations and have a humour and life of their own, inspiring people from all over the world to get involved. Visit for more info.

The Awards are centred on Dalemain Mansion, a Georgian stately home lived in by the same family for over 300 years, which also happens to hold a very rich archive of Marmalade recipes.

By The Artisan Kitchen, Oct 8 2015 10:44PM

Halloween is our second favourite holiday (I’m sure you can guess what our first is, hint: it’s coming up in a couple of months and some people are getting very excited about it already).

We love the cold, crisp air and the crunch of leaves underfoot when we take the kids trick or treating and the carved pumpkins glowing outside every house. Most of all we love a good Halloween party.

If you’re throwing a spooky knees up this year, there are 3 things that need to be taken into consideration to make it the most talked about event of the year. Look after the drinks, the costume and the food, and the rest will all fall into place.


The Drinks

If we’re honest with ourselves, this is at the core of every British party. We’re a nation of drinkers, let’s embrace that, shall we? There are a few directions to go in when it comes to plying your guests with alcohol, but if you want to go down the spooky route, we have you covered..

This witchy, creepy martini from blogger Lauryn Evarts is just about perfect, isn’t it? Like she says herself, it would be best enjoyed when the sipper is wearing black lipstick.. If you don’t like that idea, there are plenty on the Cosmopolitan website for you to try.

Want to go non alcoholic? Well done, you sound like a very responsible adult. Try this punch recipe from our trusty BBC.


The Costume

As host, your most important job is having the most badass costume. People need to arrive, see what you’re wearing, and say “damn, I wish I’d thought of that.”

If you want a little extra inspiration, Buzzfeed compiled all the best costumes from last year in this article – prepare to do some serious timewasting.


The Food

Food is the way to most hearts, this is a fact. So, if you lay out a killer spread for your party, it’s bound to be a hit.

Get started with our toffee apple jam. The must-have preserve for autumn/winter, get a few jars in now because you’ll get through them at a rate of knots. Use it to make jam tarts, filled cupcakes, or just leave it out next to some crackers – it’ll go down a treat, whatever you do!

For more sweets why not try frankentreats or Halloween pull-apart bread? They look super spooky. This pumpkin hummus or this pumpkin herb cheese ball would make for an impressive savoury element.

We hope you all have a very happy Halloween, do follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to make sure you never miss another post!

By The Artisan Kitchen, Sep 30 2015 05:13PM

This year the Taste of The West Champions Awards Ceremony took place at Somerset County Cricket Ground in Taunton, on Monday 28 September . The celebrations commenced with a drinks reception, giving guests the chance to network with like-minded food industry folk – from producers, retailers, top chefs and food writers to hospitality establishments and those providing support services to the industry. This was followed by a 3-course lunch, created using a selection of this year’s mouth-watering award-winning products.

Our Prolific plum jam was made into a gorgeous rich sauce served with the duck on the main course.

Taste of the west Gold 2015 products

We were thrilled to be a finalist in the sweet preserve category, and were completely bowled over to go on to win Champion Sweet preserve for 2015.

By The Artisan Kitchen, Sep 30 2015 04:45PM

We are thrilled that The Artisan Kitchen has officially been named a CoolBrand, in an influential annual initiative to identify the UK’s coolest brands, for the 2nd year running. The CoolBrands® list, now in its 14th year, follows voting by a combination of 2,000 consumers and a panel of 37 designers, style experts, media personalities and prominent figures from the worlds of TV, fashion and music. Helping rate coolness this year were the likes of interior designer Kelly Hoppen, actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost, model Jodie Kidd, singers Laura Mvula and Charlie XCX and actors David Harewood and Carl Barat.


Co-ordinated by The Centre for Brand Analysis, the prestigious CoolBrands list was drawn from thousands of independently identified brands and whittled down into a shortlist of approximately 1,100. The panel of 37 influencers and the British public both voted on the shortlist, bearing in mind factors such as style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness. The views of both audiences were combined to identify the most highly rated brands, which achieved CoolBrands status. The Artisan Kitchen beat tough competition to take its place in the prestigious list of CoolBrands.

Artisan Kitchen Blaisdon Plum Jam Swiss Roll

Artisan Kitchen Blaisdon Plum Jam Swiss Roll

This gorgeous swiss roll was originally made using our own award-winning Blaisdon Red Plum Jam. With high praise of it indeed too, Lisa even says “make no mistake, this impeccably crafted preserve is made by a true artisan”, and this comes from a Great Taste Judge.

Blaisdon Red Plum Jam

Easter Bundt Cake

Bundt Cake

This bundt cake looks like a Great British Bake Off show stopper to us, what do you say? This recipe is originally written in Polish but you’ll find an English version directly below it. Time to get your hands into the back of the baking drawer and dig out the Bundt cake tin.

Gloucester Rowells Plum Jam

Sourdough Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Cheese & Jam – surprisingly – are a match made in heaven, as the Food Gays demonstrate beautifully in this Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe this is luxurious, indulgent weekend food at its very very best.

Meringue Bones

Plum jam plays the convincing part of fake blood in this spooky recipe from Buona Pappa, its so original and fun – perfect for Halloween. Bookmark this one for October (its coming quicker than you think) and use our Blaisdon Plum Jam thats the one that looks the bloodiest!

Spooky recipe

Moravian kolaches


Kolaches are traditionally a Czech treat, but thanks to bloggers like The Kiwi cook, people can cook them the world over! A flaky bread with a custard filling and topped with plum jam, Our Gloucester Rowells Plum Jam would be gorgeous – what could be better? we’ll take six, please!

Sweet Cream Biscuits

These beautiful sophisticated treats are to be served with plum jam and early grey whipped cream, perfect for a posh afternoon tea with friends. Remember the word: biscuits” has a whole different meaning in the USA, make sure you check out Hummingbird High’s Blog post to clear it up!

Sweet Cream Biscuits



According to Wonderland Cookings, these Finnish treats are best enjoyed at Christmas – but we could happily munch on them all year round!

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By The Artisan Kitchen, Aug 18 2015 10:28AM

7 Ways with Raspberry Jam

In the last post in this series, we took a look at some of the best recipes across the Internet for strawberry jam. This month, we’re concentrating on its close cousin, raspberry jam.

Remember, if you want to make any of these recipes yourself, you can pick up the best quality artisan raspberry jam in our shop, where we currently have three different flavours including raspberry and chocolate!

Gin & Jam

Gin & Jam

Your first thought when cranking open a delicious jar of raspberry jam might not be alcohol, but we urge you to give this idea a go. This cocktail recipe from Honestly Yum is inspired, and absolutely perfect for hot summer days – not that we’ve had many of those just yet here in the UK!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

raspberry thumbprint cookies

Thumbprint cookies are a classic. They’re the perfect little vessel for plenty of delicious jam, and they’ve been executed beautifully by Jaclyn of Cooking Classy in this recipe.

We’re amazed by her steady hand in icing these puppies, too. Good job, Jaclyn!

Cream Tea

Cream Tea

The cream tea is the most delicious of British traditions, as far as we’re concerned. Use this classic

BBC Food recipe for plain scones, spread them with lashings of raspberry passion fruit jam followed by a great big dollop of good quality clotted cream. Oh, and serve with a freshly brewed pot of tea of course!

raspberry passion fruit jam

Chocolate and Raspberry Rugelach

Chocolate and Raspberry Rugelach

This beautiful recipe was first featured in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and blogged about by The Long Session, we think his photographs are stunning. This is a particularly interesting recipe as there’s a hunk of cream cheese in the dough – we can’t wait to try it!

Raspberry Marshmallow Bars

Raspberry Marshmallow Bars

This amazing recipe from A Balance of Tastes is bound to bring pure joy in the form of ooey gooey mallowy-ness to your kitchen. The mix of textures sounds out of this world, we’d love to take a bite



Have you heard of lamingtons? We hadn’t until we found this recipe on Oh Sweet Day! Apparently they’re very popular in Australia, little cubes of sponge cake spread with raspberry jam and dipped in chocolate – what could be better?

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

We love that The Furious Pear Pie uses just a smidge of raspberry jam to brighten this gorgeous chocolate layer cake, doesn’t it look wonderful? It makes for the perfect birthday cake, might we recommend using raspberry chocolate jam…?

Raspberry and chocolate jam

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7 ways with orange marmalade

Here at The Artisan Kitchen, we love marmalade. In fact, we make a grand total of thirteen different flavours.

Marmalade on hot buttered toast or in a sandwich is glorious, but have you ever considered the possibilities of this orange preserve beyond those loved by Paddington?

To help you get creative in the kitchen with our delicious marmalades, we’ve found some of the best recipes on the Internet that make use of the stuff.

Marmalade & Ginger Cake

Marmalade & Ginger Cake

This bake is good news for our friends with allergies or special dietary requirements, Pippa at

The Intolerant Gourmet has made this glorious cake vegan and gluten free. We think it looks just perfect, whether you’re a vegan, coeliac or omnivore you’re bound to hoover up every last crumb!

Marmalade Cat Cupcake

Marmalade Cat Cupcake

This Marmalade Cat is just a work of art, isn’t it? It comes to your screen courtesy of 2013 winner of Great British Bake Off, Frances Quinn. We just love the stripes of orange peel, what a creative bake!

Marmalade Pancakes

Marmalade Pancakes

Karen of Lavender and Lovage is no rookie, she’s one of the top food bloggers in the game and doesn’t mess around when it comes to sweet treats. These marmalade pancakes are bound to be a taste sensation. They’d be perfect with our award winning blood orange & vanilla marmalade.

Marmalade Cookies

Marmalade cookies

Todd and Diane at White on Rice are as good at making their food look beautiful as they are at making it taste wonderful, so there’s no doubt that these marmalade cookies will be a winner. Fresh orange zest as decoration is an inspiration we’ll definitely be taking into our kitchen.

Marmalade Brownies

Marmalade Brownies

If you’ve never had a marmalade brownie before, you simply must try this recipe from Gourmet Gannet using our seville orange marmalade. Fans of the chocolate and orange combination will be in heaven.

Marmalade Sausages

Marmalade Sausages

We thought it would be rude not to include a savoury option in amongst all these delicious bakes, and this recipe from BBC Good Food really pushes the boat out. Delicious, sticky sweet sausages and potatoes make for a perfect weeknight meal. Cook it up with our seville orange, rosemary and black pepper marmalade

Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding

Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding

Maison Cupcake has taken a classic British comfort food and lifted it to a whole new level – and we certainly approve. Bread and butter pudding would love our award winning sweet orange and passionfruit marmalade.

Stock up on our award winning marmalades now so that you can bring these recipes to life in your own kitchen.

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By The Artisan Kitchen, May 21 2015 03:44PM

Exciting news hot off the press today. Artisan Kitchen have scooped 9 awards at this years Taste of The West Awards 2015. A gong for every product entered.











More about Taste of The West

Taste of the West is a unique membership organisation for food and drink producers, distributors, restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, farm shops and speciality retailers in the South West – all passionate about the provenance and quality of the products they make, serve or sell. Our organisation is the largest independent regional food group in the UK and we work hard to promote and support fantastic local food and drink from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Our company was established in 1991, and today we remain the leading supply chain co-operative for the South West’s food and drink industry. We operate as a commercial company that is owned by over 1,000 members from producers to distributors, foodservice, retailers and marketing specialists. Our ethos of quality and integrity is underpinned by our annual awards scheme – the largest regional awards programme in the UK – for products, as well as shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes. Visit our Awards page to find out how your business can get involved.


Taste of the west Gold 2015 productsTaste of the West Gold 2015 Award

By The Artisan Kitchen, May 7 2015 09:27PM

Great taste 2014 awards

We had some fantastic news today – Our Heritage Blaisdon plum jam has made it through to the finals at this years Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards 2015.

We love these awards as they celebrate everything thats rich and diverse in the world of Gloucestershire Food & Drink.

The Finals are on the 6th of July where we will be having a rare night out with fellow finalists Cotswold Gold and Ross and Ross Food – both fantastic food producers and thoroughly great guys too.

you can read more about it here:

By The Artisan Kitchen, Mar 2 2015 08:50PM

News hot off the press tonight – We have been very busy at the marmalade pan for the last few weeks and entered 8 new flavours into The Worlds Original Marmalade Awards 2015 & we are delighted to announce every jar won an award.


4 x Gold

Seville Orange, Rosemary & Black Pepper Marmalade (sausages)

Blood Orange Vanilla Marmalade

Pink Grapefruit Vanilla Marmalade

Sweet Orange Passion Fruit Marmalade


2 x Silver

Seville Orange Hibiscus Marmalade

Seville Orange Tonka Bean Marmalade


2 x Bronze

Seville Orange Marmalade

Seville Orange Vanilla Vodka Marmalade


We are having a few celebratory bubbles tonight!

Press release from The Marmalade Awards Website



World’s Best Marmalade Makers Announced at 2015 Marmalade Festival

Traditional fans of the sticky breakfast table favourite may get a shock when digging into a jar of this year’s winning marmalades but the team at Dalemain can assure them they will be pleasantly surprised. This year has seen the most exotic ingredients added to the preserve and what a success these inventive endeavours have been. Marmalades packed with Velvety honey, punchy vodka, bitter coffee, rich amontadillo and even tiny sprinkles of gold have made their way across the globe for the 10th annual World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival.

Seville orange vanilla vodka marmalade Seville orange Hibiscus Seville orange marmalade pink grapefruit vanilla marmalade Seville orange tonka bean marmalade Blood orange vanilla marmalade Seville orange, Rosemary, Black pepper marmalade Sweet orange passion fruit marmalade


Artisan Kitchen is named in CoolBrands for the Second Year Running

Coolbrands 2014/15
September 30th, 2015
We are thrilled that The Artisan Kitchen has officially been named a CoolBrand, in an influential annual initiative to identify the UK’s coolest brands, for the 2nd year running. The CoolBrands® list, now in its 14th year, follows voting by a combination of 2,000 consumers...
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7 Ways With Plum Jam

Artisan Kitchen Blaisdon Plum Jam Swiss Roll
September 17th, 2015
Plum jam isnt as common in the UK, on supermarket shelves or in our cupboards at home. But today we’re going to give you reasons to give it a...
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7 Ways With Raspberry jam

raspberry thumbprint cookies
August 18th, 2015
In the last post in this series, we took a look at some of the best recipes across the Internet for strawberry jam. This month, we’re concentrating on its close cousin, raspberry...
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7 Ways With Marmalade

Marmalade Pancakes
May 30th, 2015
Here at The Artisan Kitchen, we love marmalade. In fact, we make a grand total of thirteen different...
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