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The Artisan Kitchen Works With the Orchard Trust to Locate Growers Who Supply Their Wonderful Produce for Our Heritage Plum Preserves. We Donate a 10p Per Jar for Every Blaisdon Plum Jam Sold.

More About the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust.

The Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (GOT) aims to conserve, promote and celebrate traditional orchards in Gloucestershire and, for the last fifteen years, has helped to reverse the huge loss of traditional orchards seen in the county.

We have, through a combination of good fortune and extreme generosity on the part of our membership and others, acquired two ancient traditional orchards, totalling 20 acres. This will become a wonderful community project, with assistance from the Heritage Lottery Funded Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project (TCTOP).

We continue in our outreach of training and education, through the two county Orchard Centres and at several shows, Apple, Pear & Plum Days, informing and advising hundreds of orchard enthusiasts, community groups and schools each year.

We work very closely with the National Perry Pear Centre/Hartpury Heritage Trust. We liaise with neighbouring and regional orchard groups; especially the Marcher Apple Network, Vale Landscape Heritage Trust (Worcestershire), TCTOP, Natural England (Countryside Stewardship) and Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (latter with orchard surveys).

GOT, in conjunction with Hartpury Heritage Trust and Heritage Lottery Funding, recently published Charles Martell’s excellent “Pears of Gloucestershire & Perry Pears of the Three Counties” plus “Native Apples of Gloucestershire.” We are involved with preserving ancient varieties as a genetic resource, helping the public to replant them and to thus restore the landscape.

Heritage plums and damsons are also important to us and we are liaising with nurseries to make these available. We promote not just apples, but importantly, perry pears, plums, damsons, cherries, nuts and all tree fruits.

We held an Orchard Conference at the Three Counties Showground in 2014, bringing together both traditional and commercial orchard sectors.

Our website, newsletters (for members) and library provide vital information on local, regional and national orchard issues.

GOT is run by a committee of mostly volunteers, who give much of their time to the group and answer hundreds of orchard-related enquiries each year. They are passionate about raising awareness of our unique county’s heritage and of restoring the landscape. Traditional orchards are host to up to 1800 varieties of fauna and flora and biodiversity is a vital part of GOT’s outreach, in our changing climate.

We can only continue our work with a flourishing membership. Your membership fee will help us to achieve our aims of conserving, promoting and celebrating traditional orchards in Gloucestershire, their important wildlife habitat and the cultural and historical aspects. By encouraging the use of the fruit and other orchard to produce (through courses and our online orchard marketplace, for example), orchards are more likely to be retained for generations to enjoy.

So, please join us today!


Every Day Thousands of Tons of Waste Are Sent to Landfill and Everyday Groups Need Interesting Materials for Their Activities! The Gloucestershire Resource Centre Is a Place to Find Stimulating Materials, Shop for Art Supplies, Hire Arts or Play Equipment, Get Inspired and Bounce Ideas Around. Artisan Kitchen Has Donated Good Quality Art Materials to This Local Gloucester Charity That Really Promotes Creative Activity in the Heart of the Community.



Gloucestershire Resource Centre

City Works,

Alfred Street,


GL1 4DF.


The Artisan Kitchen Donate Our Preserves to This Incredible Charity Who Then, in Turn, Create Amazing Food

To Feed Gloucestershire Families in Need.

The Wiggly Worm is a charity that exists to improve health, well-being and self-esteem amongst the vulnerable, disadvantaged or seldom heard.

We love food and we love people. Our expertise is in the area of using food (the preparation and sharing of it) in practical ways to deliver physical and mental health benefits. We create life chances for those in our society who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or seldom heard.

Food is a great leveller and our approach delivers practical results to individuals, communities and organisations. Our courses and events motivate people to make choices about who they are, what they can be and who they can trust. We instil in people a reminder of their true worth in society.

Years of experience in working with people of all ages and from all parts of the world has given us a unique perspective. The Wiggly Worm team knows what works.

As a Charity, we are governed by a dedicated board, which advocates sound management, quality in planning and delivery – and constant innovation.


Text WORM12 £the_amount to 70070

or send a donation to

The Wiggly Worm,

Osborne Cottage,

Far Oakridge,



We relish working with people whom others find difficult to engage with and can tailor make a new direction for local authorities and public sector organisations. Participants in our projects give us the feedback to constantly improve and innovate.

The Wiggly Worm is a bold and exciting charity that is achieving stunning outcomes.