Preserving Excellence

Artisan Kitchen Fruit Jams and marmalades are considered to be some of the finest products in the artisan food world.


Our Fine Food Awards

Experience our incredible selection of jams and marmalades, recognised by fine food institutions like the Guild of Fine Foods and The Great Taste Awards. With a remarkable track record of over 575 fine food accolades since 2011, including 7 prestigious Golden Forks, “Food Oscars” our preserves stand out as top contenders among thousands of entries across all food categories. Indulge in our exceptional range and uncover why our products are a definite “must-try” for food enthusiasts everywhere.


Our commitment to the finest fruit ingredients

At the core of everything we make, we prioritise using premium whole fresh fruit sourced meticulously to craft our jams and marmalades. Our commitment to quality shines through in our selection of ingredients, such as the locally handpicked Blaisdon Red Plums sourced within a mere 3 miles of our jam kitchen. Additionally, we love Organic Blood Oranges and Organic Seville Oranges from carefully chosen Spanish Orchards known for their exceptional taste profiles. Each fruit is chosen for its superior quality and unique flavour characteristics, ensuring that every jar of our preserves delivers a mouthwatering experience like no other.


Crafted by Hand in Small Batches

Step into our kitchen where our artisanal jam and marmalade making happens. Each batch, typically comprising just 10-15 jars, is meticulously prepared in traditional copper maslin pans. With a keen eye for detail, we oversee every stage of the cooking process to ensure excellence in every jar. This hands-on approach coupled with true artisan skill results in high-quality preserves that are brimming with flavour and freshness.


Elevating Fruit Content & Natural Preservation Methods

Delve into the core of our jams and marmalades, crafted and prepared with high fruit content that surpasses industry standards. By maintaining high fruit levels, we strike a harmonious balance between fresh fruit flavours and the preserving sweetness of sugar, capturing the true essence of each season. Our meticulously balanced recipes result in jewel bright colours, a natural set, and preserves that enable you to savour the taste of fruits long after their harvest. With a commitment to using only fresh fruit, sugar, and other natural ingredients, we steer clear of added pectins, relying on our perfected recipes to naturally set the fruit preserves within their carefully crafted formulations.


The Personal Touch

Buying our Jams and marmalades means you are supporting a small business. We are passionate about our craft, and creating mouthwatering jams and marmalades for our customers.