Meet the Maker

Meet The Maker

Hello I’m Sarah Churchill, a trained chef and a food enthusiast. In 2011, I established Artisan Kitchen in Gloucester, where I create mouth-watering, award-winning preserves and marmalades. Handmade and homemade, these exquisite delights are cooked to perfection in a big copper pot, right at the heart of my small Gloucestershire jam kitchen.

The inspiration for my business came from a local Mirabelle plum tree that was shedding its fragrant fruit on the pavement year after year, with nobody to enjoy its delicious flavors. I approached the owner of the tree and suggested a swap – his fruit for some of my homemade preserves. With just one truly local batch of jam, The Artisan Kitchen was born.


My culinary background and training have been at the sharp end of the knife, having worked in some of the UK’s finest hotels and restaurants, including the prestigious two-star Michelin Square restaurant in Mayfair. Under the guidance of renowned chef Philip Howard, where I honed my cooking skills to perfection.

At Artisan Kitchen, we take pride in creating preserves and marmalades that are a true delight to the senses. So come, indulge in our exquisite fruit preserves, and experience the true taste of culinary fruit excellence

Here are some of the lovely hotels and restaurants where I honed my craft as a professional chef, Prior to founding The Artisan Kitchen.


The R.A.C Club Pall Mall, London.  – Browns Hotel, Mayfair, London. –  Lescargot, Soho London  – Stephen Bull, Marylebone London – Cliveden Hotel, Berkshire.  –  The Mirabelle, Mayfair, london.  –  The Square Restaurant (original site) Bruton Street London.  –  Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor, Berkshire.  –  The Square Restaurant, Mayfair London.  –  The New Inn at Coln St Aldwyn, Gloucestershire.  –  Hotel Kandinsky, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  –  Daylesford Organic, The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire


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Meet the Maker