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Artisan Kitchen Preserve Hamper


A White Wicker Hamper filled with a delicious collection of 6 x 200g Artisan Kitchen Preserves & A Great Taste Awards Book

A stunning hamper for the real foodie in your life. A gorgeous white wicker hamper filled with a curated selection of our Gold medal jams and marmalades.
Our preserves are handcrafted in small batches using amazing fresh ingredients and we pride ourselves on our unique innovative and delicious recipes #treatyourtoast

We will fill your hamper with the very best 6 delicious seasonal preserves.



Made from:
This hamper is a curated selection of our best preserves. Some examples of our flavours are:

Lemon & Vanilla Vodka Marmalade – Lemons, Sugar, vanilla vodka.
Lime Lemon Vanilla Marmalade – limes, lemons, sugar, vanilla.
Summer Citrus Marmalade – sweet oranges, pink grapefruits, limes, lemons, sugar.
Raspberry Chocolate Jam – raspberries, sugar, dark chocolate (milk, soya) lemon juice.
Damson & Raspberry Jam – damsons, raspberries, sugar, lemon juice.
Toffee Apple Jam – bramley apples, sugar, brown sugar, golden syrup, butter (milk) lemon juice, cinnamon.
Blackcurrant Sloe Gin Jam – Blackcurrants, sugar, sloe gin.
Blackcurrant Apple Lime Jam – blackcurrants, bramley apple, sugar, lime.
Blaisdon Red Plum Jam – Blaisdon red plums from Gloucester, sugar.
Tutti Frutti jam – Strawberries, Raspberries, Bramley Apple, blackcurrants, sugar, orange, lemon juice.

30cm x 25 cm x 15 cm


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