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Artisan Marmalades & Grow A Lemon Tree


A gift for citrus fruit enthusiasts. Three of our finest marmalades. Summer Citrus Marmalade, lime lemon Vanilla Marmalade, lemon vanilla vodka marmalade & a grow your own lemon tree from seed gift box.

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A Collection Of three Artisan Kitchen Marmalades with a Grow Your Own Lemon Tree Kit

Summer Citrus Marmalade 1 x 200g
Lemon Vanilla Vodka Marmalade 1 x 200g
Lime Lemon Vanilla Marmalade 1 x 200g
Grow Your Own Lemon Tree Kit x 1

Made from:
Summer Citrus Marmalade – Sweet Oranges, Pink Grapefruits, Lemons, Limes, sweet Oranges, sugar
Lemon Lime Vanilla Marmalade – Lemons, Limes, sugar, vanilla
lemon Vanilla Vodka Marmalade – Lemons, Sugar, Vodka, Vanilla
Lemon Tree Kit – A plant kit made from cardboard, coir, wood

Jars 8 cmx 6 cm x 8cm Lemon Tree Kit 10 cm x 10 cm x 10cm 75g


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