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& Sloe Gin Jam

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A rich delicious jam packed full of whole blackcurrants & finished with rich fruity sloe gin. A fantastic jam, great spooned into cool natural greek yogurt.

Great Taste Awards Judges Comments

“Wonderful vibrant colour and a fabulous aroma. This very well made jam has an excellent set and releases wonderful fruity flavour with the sloe gin adding a great dimension which is complementing and enhancing the blackcurrants. This has been made with great finesse with the producer knowing how to get the most out of the different ingredients so they all work in harmony and bring out the best in each other.”


Blackcurrants, Sugar, Sloe Gin 5%

weight 200g e

Contains Alcohol

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

3 reviews for Blackcurrent
& Sloe Gin Jam

  1. Mike

    I bought this in the excellent M5 Gloucester Services’ farm shop. Blackcurrant jam is my wife’s favourite and she loves this one, to quote, she said ‘best jam ever, very intense flavour!’ I tried it and she’s right.

  2. Jeanne

    Blackcurrant is one of my favourite fruits and to find it combined with sloe gin makes for a wow preserve, love it.

  3. Emma chandler

    A match made in heaven and two of my firm favourites mixed together to make this a truly delicious jam.

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