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Blaisdon Red
Plum Jam

(49 customer reviews)


As seen On James Martins Saturday Morning!

A wonderful plum jam made with rare Heritage Blaisdon Red Plums. These are hand gathered from private orchards along the banks of the River Severn in Gloucestershire.

This jar contains 200g.


Introducing our exquisite Jam, crafted with utmost care using the rare heritage Blaisdon Red plums cultivated in close proximity to our jam kitchen. These exceptional plums are meticulously handpicked in August from two local orchards with a rich historical and generational legacy. The result is an extraordinary fruit preserve that showcases the impeccable flavour of this remarkable plum.

We pride ourselves in creating a jam that epitomises natural goodness, containing only plums and sugar. As a testament to its quality, our jam has consistently been recognised as a champion at prestigious culinary events such as The Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards and the Taste of the West. Crafted in our micro preserving kitchen following traditional methods, this jam is a rare indulgence that no food enthusiast should miss.

Indulge your senses by pairing this jam with freshly baked scones, swirling it into creamy yogurt, spreading it over a delectable cheese and cracker combination, or simply savouring it straight from the spoon. The choice is yours; we won’t judge. Experience the exceptional flavours of this jam and elevate your culinary delights to new heights.

PREPARED WITH 75g FRUIT PER 100g Total sugar content 60g per 100g

Nutritional info – typical values per 100g energy 264kcal, fat 0.0g, carbohydrates 69.7g of which is sugars 69.7g protein 0.0g, salt 0.0g

Allergen Information – Produced in an environment that occasionally handles Milk and Soya

Ingredients – Gloucestershire Grown Blaisdon Red Plums, Sugar.

Caution May contain fruit stones (We take every care to remove theses)

Great Taste Awards 2023 – 3 Stars

Great Taste Awards 2022 – 3 Stars

Great Taste Awards 2022 – Golden Fork – South West

Great Taste Awards 2022 – Golden Fork – Small Artisan Producer of The Year

Great Taste Awards 2021 – Golden Fork Award – South West

Great Taste Awards 2021  – Golden Fork – Small Artisan Producer Of The Year

Great Taste Awards 2020- 2 stars

Great Taste awards  2019 – Golden fork 2019 – small artisan producer of the year

Great Taste Awards 2019  – 3 stars

Taste of the west 2019 – Finalist for champion preserve

Taste Of The West 2019 – Gold

Great Taste Awards 2018  – 2 stars

Taste of the West 2018 – Gold

Taste of the West 2018 – Finalist for Champion Preserve

Taste of the West 2017 – Champion Preserve

Taste of the West 2017 – Gold

Quality Food awards 2016 – Shortlisted

Great Taste Awards 2014 – 3 Stars

Great Taste Awards 2014 – Top 50 Foods

Great Taste 2014 – Golden Fork – Small Artisan Producer of The Year

Taste of The West 2014 – Gold

Great British food awards 2014 – Winner

Great Taste Awards – Judges Comments – 3 Star Gold

This is perfection. Not sure we need to say anything else other than this is truly scrumptious. But we will….the texture is smooth, voluptuous without being grainy or chewy. The flesh has rubber stamped its authenticity. The balance of acidity and sweetness and natural fruit is excellent and faultless. In fact this jam is completely faultless in every way. Utterly sublime.

A beautiful, glistening, bright Port-red jam with a firm but gentle set. The flavour is full of plump ripe plums with a beautiful balance of sharpness and sweetness that makes the mouth water and, as one judge said, makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand out! As a seasonal jam this is truly up there with the best!

You will receive jars with a shelf life of at least 1 year. Once open refrigerate and enjoy within 3 weeks.

Although we aim to get your Artisan Kitchen goodies to you much sooner please do allow for dispatch within 3 working days and delivery by courier in 3-5 working days.

49 reviews for Blaisdon Red
Plum Jam

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  1. Tessa Stuart

    This is an exceptional plum jam. Absolutely chock-ful of plum flavours. Highly recommended!

  2. Carol F

    Amazingly good. Intensely fruity and delicious on toast, scones, even with cheese!

  3. Guillaume DUVAL (Reims, France)

    Awesome plum jam. My partner and I were delighted to taste this handmade jam. Taste and flavor of the fruit is incredible. I recommend 100%, Keep up good work

  4. T A Leary – amazon review

    Beautiful product and excellent customer service.
    Delicious jam and first-rate customer service

  5. Hemmie Martin – NOTHS review

    Second jar I’ve bought for my uncle – who even eats it from the jar with a spoon! He raves about this jam.

  6. Mary Burton – NOTHS review

    Well packaged parcel of 2 preserves. Have so far tried only this one which is delicious and the quality is worth the price.

  7. tablock – Amazon Review

    Absolute best jam on the market

  8. D Gibbons – Review via facebook

    My order has just arrived. I couldn’t wait to get it open and taste test all my choices. Now these jams and marmalades really do taste like REAL fruit, like you’ve never tasted before. And the fruit flavour is so deep, apparent and decadent. Plum IS plum, and it is like no plums you have ever tasted before in Blaisdon Red Plum. A taste as deep and rich as its deep rich red colour.
    The lime shines richly in the lime lemon and vanilla and again is a very fruit-rich and deep flavour. The green colour is like a deep moss emerald green (if one of those exists!)
    Blood Orange IS Blood Orange – again pure fruit decadence. The nuances and specificities of these fruits shine through clearly. There is no generic muddling or confusion of flavours.
    These preserves are like tasting real fruit in the best way.
    The fruitiness, sweeteness and tartness are perfectly balanced and it is the fruit flavours that shine through best.
    As a taste test, these preseves are like the first time you ever tasted space dust as a child. The zing is out of this world but is tempered by the sweet fruitiness.
    Tempering is even better when these preseves are where they’re supposed to be – on hot salt buttered toast or tea-cakes. The salty butteriness cuts the super zing to create taste perfection. Clearly some divine intervention in Sarah creating these preserves for their end goal.
    I’m making a Blaisdon Red Plum Victoria Sponge tomorrow. Im also going to order for my sister for her birthday and my Mum for Mothers Day (although I suspect my Dad will eat it all!)
    I’m pumped about these preserves. They all deserve their 3 star “great taste” awards.

  9. Robert Wells

    Excellent. I like a plum jam that has tartness, and this has, unlike so many others which I find too sweet. I also liked the fruit content and the consistency of the jam.

  10. Jo

    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my dad – I hope he lets me taste as it sounds gorgeous. Well packaged with recyclable and compostable materials. Good communication with personal note and timely delivery (even with RM strikes). Will get my dad to review once he has tasted. I would definitely purchase again and support our independents!

  11. Delia

    This is one of my favourites and an absolute favourite for one of my friends. I purchased a jar of this as one of his Christmas presents. I don’t think I would have got a better reaction if I’d presented him with the Crown Jewels!

  12. Ruth

    Wonderful jams and great customer service.

  13. bobby

    Simply a wonderful jam on everything. You can taste the love and care along with the MASSIVE fruit content in Sarah’s products compared to all the competition. .

  14. Carey C

    The best plum jam I have ever tasted – perfect balance of sweet and sharp. It’s perfect on scones. I normally make all the jam in our family but I shan’t make any more plum all the while we can buy this one. Customer service is also excellent and communications outstanding,

  15. Nicky

    These are THE best jams I’ve ever tasted, the blaisdon plum jam with cheese and crackers is heavenly, equally they make for the most amazing jam on toast, I’ve gifted a selection as far afield as Australia and Oxford, they were very welcome gifts, thank you

  16. Laura Albert Martinez

    This was purchased as a gift, so I didn’t get to try it myself. What I will say is that I was blown away by the personal service from Sarah to ensure that I got my gift on time! Thank you so much! Want to buy more to try for myself !

  17. Felicity Spencer

    The most utterly delicious jam I’ve ever tasted, sharp-sweet in perfect balance, and delivered incredibly swiftly.

  18. William day

    The best jam

  19. Jenny

    My partner is from Gloucestershire & always talked of his Dad loving Blaisdon plums. He did not believe there actually was a Blaisdon plum. That was until we went to Blaisdon by chance.This jam is wonderful & I made a Victoria sponge, the contrast between the jam & sweetness of the sponge was pure delight.I have bought him some more plus a selection for Christmas. Wonderful jam, tasty, smooth and colourful.

  20. Barry Fisher

    First time I have tried this jam and i am not disappointed fruity tasting and a bit different from other plum jams. Will definitely buy again.

  21. Barry Fisher

    First time I have tried this jam and i am not disappointed and a bit different from other plum jams. Will definitely buy again.

  22. Barry Fisher

    First time I have tried this jam and it is certainly one of the best I have tasted and a bit different from other plum jams. Will definitely buy again.

  23. June Manning

    Fabulous flavour and consistency that is so moorish.

  24. Hazel Carr

    This beautiful handmade jam is full of punchy plum flavour. It is rich in flavour as well as colour. Pure deliciousness.

  25. Stephen Allan

    Saw this on James Martin so thought we would try and I have to say it’s the best jam I’ve tried not to sweet and you can actually taste the plums will definitely order again

  26. Paul Edge

    This is an incredible jam it’s taste is off the chart to any plum jam I’ve ever tasted.just beautiful

  27. Diana

    Excellent jam. Full of flavour definitely will buy again.

  28. Jacqueline

    Very tasty product unique flavours well worth trying you won’t be disappointed.

  29. John & Maria Williams

    Like SO many other reviews I agree, this jam sets itself way above so many others, especially for it’s flavour, it’s not just a spoonful of sticky coloured sugar.
    On the other hand if these reviews get out, we are worried there will not be enough growers of the Blaisdon Plums.

  30. Maxine Riddoch

    I have never tasted jam like this before, it’s so good sometimes it doesn’t reach my toast and I just eat it off the spoon!!

  31. Shirley Jones

    Stunning plum jam, absolutely beautiful, great texture, great flavour.

  32. nickgj61

    Don’t dilute the taste with anything else; just eat it straight from the jar. Why spoil perfection…………….

  33. Vee

    This jam is divine, starts off really sweet and then finishes with a slight tartness.

  34. Lynn Mackreth

    Wow fantastic Jam bursting with flavour not too sweet just perfect

  35. Nikki p

    Great comms, quick delivery (even post James Martin 😆) and the jam is sensational. It is not overly sweet, full of fruit and just so moorish!

  36. Sue Frazer

    I had to order this jam after seeing it on James Martin, and it has lived up to my expectations. Beautiful plum flavour and ordering and delivery was top notch

  37. Janice Stalker

    Great tasting jam and exceptional customer service. Will be ordering more!!

  38. Janet Vickery

    The best jam ever. You just need a spoon!

  39. Mike Adam

    At last a plum jam that actually tastes of plum
    Excellent. What more can you say

  40. Lisa Palmer

    Saw the jams on James Martins Saturday morning show., receive amazing reviews by the all guests.
    Ordered the Blaisden Red Pllum and Strawberry, Apple Vanilla jams.
    WOW! The taste was amazing, so fruity and sweet. I could just have dived in with a spoon and eaten whole jars.
    Makes breakfast toast so more enjoyable!!
    What makes the customer service so much special is the hand written thank you from Sarah. Just perfect.

  41. Mr Ian Hutchinson

    Already on our second jar. Tastes like jam of old, all fruit, does not need preservatives as it wont last that long

  42. Wendy Hollman

    Exceptional – I was looking forward to this after seeing this on James Martin – it did not disappoint by any means, fruity, tangy, and how I remember home made jam to taste – I’m so pleased I have now found Sarah and will be reordering very soon.

  43. David Horne

    Best plum jam I have had since I was very young. Full of fruit and flavour . Great on toast,. Highly recommend this jam, not like mass produced jams as its all about the texture and flavour

  44. Harry Bygraves

    Great tasting jam, no wonder this has won so many awards!

  45. emmanuelle

    Absolutely delicious I know where to buy my jam in the future

  46. Jeannie Willis

    This jam is incredible the best fruit jam I have ever tasted – I normally do not like plum jams- but this is superb just the right amount of tartness and sweetness.
    I have already purchased some for my friend and will shortly need another for myself. Definitely one of the best in your range, I highly recommend it.

  47. Stephanie

    Wonderful flavoured jam
    Great service

  48. Mark Hall

    Very tasty

  49. Julie C

    These jams and marmalades are the best ever! Great for presents if you can bear to part with them

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