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Strawberry Apple
& Vanilla Jam

(2 customer reviews)


A wonderful fruit packed jam, made with the finest Strawberries, Bramley Apple & Vanilla to create this Moorish preserve

A deliciously fruity jam made with Strawberries, Bramley Apples & Vanilla. Our jams are handcrafted in our small Gloucester Kitchen and this jam is a deliciously rich fruity jam perfect for spreading thickly over warm buttered toast.

An absolute treat stirred into natural yogurt, or spread thickly over scones Go on #treatyourtoast

All countries outside the UK please email us for postal rates


Made from:
Strawberries, Bramley Apple, sugar, lemon juice


Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

2 reviews for Strawberry Apple
& Vanilla Jam

  1. Tricia Daniels

    This is such a delicious mix – the flavours blend in so beautifully which makes it extremely more – ish.

  2. Thaina

    Been a fan for years now
    Fruitiness, texture and sugar level meet my expectations every time
    Vanilla matches very well with strawberry! Great combo

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