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Summer Citrus Marmalade Italian Orange Bitters

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A wonderful fresh marmalade made with Sweet Oranges, Pink Grapefruits, Limes & lemons & Aperol

A delicious handcrafted marmalade that is fresh, zingy & incredibly fruity. Made over a three day process with sweet Valencia Oranges, Pink Grapefruits, Limes & Lemons.

Great Taste Judges Comments

“This is summer citrus in a jar. The aroma is all citrus and fruits. You can taste each of the fruits used, all in a beautiful soft set jelly with just the right viscosity. The peels are thin and tender and delicious to eat. The marmalade is sharp and citrusy with a perfect balance of sweetness and the addition of Aperol just cuts through giving it a really good little sidekick of bitterness to complement the fruits. A really well-crafted stunner of a marmalade.”

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Try this on crispy sourdough toast & salted Butter – heavenly! Go on #treatyourtoast

Made from:
Sweet Oranges, Pink Grapefruits, Lemons Limes, Sugar. Aperol 5%


Not suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians due to the Aperol

2 reviews for Summer Citrus Marmalade Italian Orange Bitters

  1. Nadine

    I love a marmalade that is sweet and flavoursome but with plenty of fresh tartness. That’s this marmalade.

  2. Anna May

    The mix of citrus fruits works unbelievably well with the Aperol, true harmony. The perfect balance of sweetness and tang. A jar of this and some toasted sourdough is perfection.

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