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A deliciously delicate set fruity marmalade, perfect to stir into a coconut yogurt for breakfast & dream of bright blue seas and white sand beaches.Packed full of fresh citrus fruits, passion fruit and pineapple.



Sweet Oranges, Pink Grapefruits, Lemons, Limes, Sugar, Passion fruit, pineapple.

Great Taste Awards – Judges Feedback – 3 Star Gold & Gold Fork Winner South West

What a divine sounding combination. A rich colour and good set. Generous in peel and ‘fruity bits’. What a delight! All the effort of making this jam in small batches has been worth it to create such fabulous flavours! The peel is tender and is perfectly balanced in bitterness. The sweetness of the marmalade is enough to balance that bitterness while not masking the freshness of the fruit. All the fruit is detectable and we loved the texture and pop of the fleshy pieces. An exciting and lively marmalade that allows all those fruits to shine in a preserve.

What a clever product! This marmalade has been so carefully worked and the result is magnificent.  It has a lovely amber-gold colour. The peel is well shredded.   The sweetness is perfect and the marmalade retains a delicious zing.


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