Fresh Zesty Flavours: Exploring The Artisan Kitchen’s Lemon Marmalade Collection

When it comes to artisanal delights that awaken the senses, few things compare to the exquisitely fresh vibrant range of lemon marmalades crafted by The Artisan Kitchen.

Each jar is a testament to the perfect balance of tangy citrus and sweet indulgence, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your taste buds.

Let’s take a journey through our range of lemon loveliness where every spoonful is a burst of sunshine in a jar.

Honey Lemon Marmalade:

The marriage of golden honey and vibrant lemon creates a harmonious blend that is both comforting and refreshing. Spread it on warm toast or swirl it into yogurt for a delightful treat.

Sorrento Lemon Marmalade:

Named after the famed Sorrento lemons from Italy, this marmalade captures the essence of Mediterranean citrus groves in every spoonful. Its bright and intense flavour is a true delight for lemon enthusiasts.

Here are The Judges comments from the 2023 Great Taste Awards where this marmalade was awarded the highest accolade of three stars

“What a delight on the nose: a huge hit of citrus. This was followed by a delicious sharp lemon on the palate that doesn’t do anything other than make us enjoy the flavour of lemon. The peel is still with bite, and without pith. Just super. We could have eaten a lot.”

“A marmalade with a great colour and a bold, citric aroma. It’s fresh-tasting, with big zingy notes from the lemon. The peel has been perfectly cooked and the sugar balances extremely well. There’s a lasting bittersweet flavour with lemon at the heart. This is a very well-made product and a great choice of fruit.”

“This pale, cloudy marmalade has lovely shreds of lemon peel in it. It’s quite loose and easy to spoon. Its vibrant nose invites us in. On tasting, we can tell this marmalade is something special. It has wonderful sharp notes with balanced lemon intensity. We got excited and inventive about how we would use the marmalade in our home kitchens. It’s fresh and is an excellent citrus wake-up call.”

“This marmalade has a lovely glistening look and consistency, with attractive streaks of lemon peel. This is utterly delicious; the aromas of sun-kissed Sorrento lemons soar from the jar and entice, with a lovely lemon peel and lemon oil fragrance. The flavours are supremely well balanced, and the texture is perfect with beautifully thin strips of lemon peel that keep their crunch. It’s packed with zingy, explosive authentic flavours, and the zestiness and citrus notes are perfectly balanced with the sweetness levels. It’s an exquisitely crafted natural product with a good set, which leaves both a refreshing and a lingering clean flavour on the finish. We were wowed by its depth and complexity and could not find fault. The flavours are simply divine, and leave us wanting more.”

Lemon Vanilla Vodka Marmalade:

Indulge in a sophisticated twist with this unique marmalade. The addition of fragrant vanilla and a hint of vodka elevates the classic lemon profile, offering a luxurious experience with every taste.


Elderflower Lemon Marmalade:

Delicate Handpicked Gloucester elderflower merges with zesty lemon in this elegant seasonal limited edition marmalade, creating a floral and citrusy fusion that is simply enchanting. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your breakfast spread.

Each variant in The Artisan Kitchen’s lemon marmalade collection is a testament to quality craftsmanship and passion for flavour. Whether you prefer the comforting sweetness of honey, the boldness of Sorrento lemons, the sophistication of vanilla and vodka, or the delicate touch of elderflower, there is a marmalade to suit every palate.

So, why not elevate your breakfast table or afternoon tea with a jar of The Artisan Kitchen’s lemon marmalade? Let the sunshine in and savour the citrus fresh burst of flavour that awaits in every spoonful.