A Gorgeous Artisan Kitchen Gift Box filled 3 award winning jams

Our deliciously different preserves are special, handcrafted and handfinished all are Gold medal winners at The Great Taste Awards & Taste of The West. This collection features 3 seasonal jams chosen by us for their taste quality & innovative flavours. perfect on crispy sourdough toast & salted butter #treatyourtoast.

Includes 3 seasonal jams chosen by us, 200g each.

We will fill your gift box with 3 of our curated seasonal jams which may include:

Raspberry chocolate Jam
Tutti Frutti Jam
Damson & Raspberry Jam
Toffee Apple Jam
Blackcurrant Sloe Gin Jam
Blaisdon Red Plum Jam
Blackcurrant Apple Lime Jam
Strawberry Apple Vanilla jam

made from:
Strawberry Apple Vanilla Jam - Strawberries, Bramley Apples, Sugar, vanilla, lemon juice.
Tutti Frutti Jam - Strawberries, apples, raspberries, blackcurrants, sugar, lemon juice, orange.
Blaisdon red plum jam - Blaisdon plums, sugar.
Toffee Apple Jam - Bramley apples, sugar, brown sugar, golden syrup, lemon juice, butter (milk) cinnamon.
Blackcurrant Apple Lime Jam - Blackcurrants, apples, sugar, lime.
Blackcurrant Sloe Gin Jam - Blackcurrants, sugar, sloe gin.
Damson & Raspberry Jam - Damsons, raspberries, sugar, lemon juice.
Raspberry Chocolate Jam - Raspberries, sugar, dark chocolate Allergens (soya, milk) lemon juice.

H8.5cm x W21cm x D8.5cm, approx 1500g.